You can help yourself out of depression: need to learn how and when

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In the process of leaving the depression there are things that can help you as there are others that you can avoid. Remember that most likely you do not feel like doing anything or being with anyone.But instead of getting under the blanket or doing absolutely nothing, which often makes you feel even worse, you can try to take on some activity. Do not ask yourself what you want to do because the normal response is that you do not feel like doing anything but what you can do. Even if it seems small, it’s a lot. Click Hereto know about the activities and therapies.

No one is guilty of your depression

You have no fault of having a depression and neither does anyone else in your environment. But you do have a responsibility to make reasonable efforts to feel better little by little.Put simple objectives that you can fulfill. Go throwing the garbage, copy in a notebook the lyrics of a song you liked, order the cutlery in the kitchen drawer. It is a mistake to set ambitious goals in the midst of a depression.

Break the homework into small pieces

It may be that due to the depression you have issues that under normal conditions do not pose a problem and now you find them difficult to deal with. For example, you may not have looked at your mailbox, although you know you have a lot of mail waiting for you. Break that task check the mail on small things. The first day is fine if you just pick up the mail and leave it in a pile at a table. The next day is worth separating the propaganda on the one hand, bank cards, electricity and other receipts on the other and a third group with the other letters. The next day is worth to throw the propaganda mail and open the bank’s letters. The next day is enough to make a payment of a receipt if you do not have it domiciled.

Recover relationships

Depression will have separated you from many people. It is convenient that you also take small steps to recover your social life. It is not the best time to go to big parties but you can meet someone nice to have a coffee or you can go to see a friend to return something that they lent you. There is no problem in that you tell someone that you know they love you, you are bit depressed and it would be good for you to come for a while or to take a walk, although you probably do not talk much.

Conclusion: think different

It depends on each person and their degree of depression but it is usually best to combine a psychiatrist, diagnose and prescribe an antidepressant medication and a psychologist who can help you with a therapy to help you cope with depression, help you identify if there are elements triggers that affect your mood and make you more satisfied with your own life.