Chicken pox vaccine

The chicken pox is one of the most common diseases in the world. Most people often contract it when they are young, in their childhood years, while fewer manage to dodge it until they become adults, leaving them to take about 3 weeks of from work.

Chickenpox is highly contagious but not very dangerous, and can be described as an illness that develops due to the varicella zoster virus. It presents itself in the form of a skin rash that starts in the head area, affecting the face and then spreads out to the body, becoming itchy. It usually develops on the arms or legs later and not in all cases.

The chickenpox is transmitted through the air and can be contracted when an infected person coughs or sneezes. However a person can become infected if he or she comes in contact with the rash directly or secretions from it. The contagious phase of chickenpox lasts from one or two days before the first pock appears until 4 to 5 days after, or even until the last skin rash forms a crust.

Prevention against the chicken pox comes in the form of a vaccine. The varicella vaccine is used to protect against the illness. The chicken pox vaccine is a live vaccine that is usually administered to children before entering school. The prevention effect does not last very long, which means that the shot has to be administered again in about a five year period.

The vaccine against the chicken pox is viewed differently in different parts of the world. Some nations have adopted it as a necessary step and administer the injection to the population as a must, while others do not consider it as necessary. The vaccine has lowered the total number of chicken pox cases in the United States very much.

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